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Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Dust monitoring with GRIMM Aerosol

Dust monitoring instruments for indoor air quality have a long tradition at Grimm Aerosol. These optical laser light aerosol spectrometers monitor not only in real-time the dust concentration but also the particle size distribution in over 30 different size ranges and convert those results simultaneously to inhalable, thoracic, and alveolic fractions following the European and American regulations. Even the Nano particle size fraction is covered in a docent size ranges and can be expanded down to a few nanometers with our accessories.



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In comparison to other competitors, we deliver you precisely calibrated dust measurement instruments with a deviation factor of max. 3% - compare! Learn more about our products for indoor air quality measurement and click on our detailed GRIMM-Wiki product pages.

Handheld Handheld Handheld Mobile wide range Sky OPC Aerosol Generator
Grimm 11-R Grimm 11-A Grimm 11-B Mini Wras 1371 11-S 7811

Indoor Air Quality product range

The instrument design of our product range varies from small portable monitors to larger fixed stations in process and industrial sites, but are also commonly used in testing and research facilities. Additional aerosol generators permit not only calibration but also many simulations for medical or toxicological use.

Service & Data transfer

Highest performance, quality, and German precision combined with quick customer support are our base for over 20 years of customer satisfaction. High end electronic permits easy (wireless) data transfer and our powerful software an easy and customer-friendly use of the system.

Grimm quality Measurement

The name GRIMM is well-known by almost every occupational health & safety officer, environmental manager, indoor air quality consultant and dust monitoring professional in the world. With the experience of over 4.000 devices sold worldwide, we have the most reliable and proofed high resolution measurement cell worldwide. Therefore, Grimm Aerosol is a European leader in this field and many scientific articles worldwide from users show that our portable IAQ dust monitors are used in the remotest stations more even for PM10 and PM2.5 case studies.

MiniWRAS (Mini Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer)

With our unique device MiniWRAS (Mini Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer) we are able to measure airborne particles from 10 nm up to 32 µm in 41 size channels. With an intelligent combination of two measurement techniques in one single portable unit, we give you more information about even Ultra-Fine Particle contamination at the workplace or in research applications.